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Pendle Labour Party Resource Library
Download index dated January 2010 (PDF 214KB)
Tony Martin's Collection Index (PDF 33KB) Pendle Related Leaflets

2012 Pendle Borough Council Elections (PDF Binder 8MB)

Poster NHS Meeting 27 March 2012 (PDF 98KB)
The Lancastrian June 2012 (PDF 3.6MB)
Walverden Labour Rose September 2012 (PDF 1.32MB)

Poster Land Value Tax Meeting 28 September 2012 (PDF 216KB)

The Lancastrian Winter 2013 (PDF 1.3MB)
Brierfield & Nelson North Labour Rose February 2013 (PDF 143KB)
Southfield Labour Rose Nov 2013 (PDF 1.3MB)
Vivary Labour Rose Nov 2013 (PDF 571KB)
2014 Pendle Borough Council Elections (PDF Binder 23.3MB)

Labour Party Manifesto 2010 (PDF 2.3 MB)
Labour Energy Market Policy 2012 (PDF 147KB)

Historical Refference
1904 Guardians Election (PDF 600KB)
1922 Arthur Greenwood Election Material (PDF 3.37MB)
1922 Arthur Greenwood Election News (PDF 6.68MB)
1924 Arthur Greenwood Election News (PDF 5.6MB)
1929 Arthur Greenwood Election Material (PDF 2.33MB)
1935 Sydney Silverman Election Material (PDF 2.66MB)
1935 The Gazette 7 May (PDF 322KB)
1955 Sydney Silverman Election Material (PDF 2.37MB)
1970 Doug Hoyle Election Material (PDF 3.54MB)
2005 Gordon Prentice Election Material (PDF 4.89MB)
2010 Gordon Prentice Election Material - Priority Pendle (PDF 1.16MB)
General Election results 1895 - 2015

Some of the early election documents immediately above, contain large images which, depending upon your local settings and hardware may not display in your PDF Reader. In such circumstances save to your Hard Drive (or other local source) and re-open the document from your Hard Drive (or other local source).

Please note the documents are not direct copies of the originals. They have been redrawn using the original content and layout. Some typefaces have been substituted but are as close as possible to the originals.
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